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Debunking Columbus as a Rapist

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

"Radio Voice Italia: Christopher Columbus University" is an online podcast narrated by Robert Petrone, Esq., a civil rights author and attorney, and local Philadelphia expert on Christopher Columbus. Below are bullet points to one of his episodes. If you want to hear more on the topic please click on the Episode ## link provided to listen to his podcast.

The following notes are from Episode 36

  • There is no evidence that Columbus had sex with anyone other than his wife or common law second wife. He practiced chastity. Was a devout catholic.

  • Evidence: He sailed with monastic robes of the Franciscans. He joined their 3rd order/secular order.

  • While many contracted syphilis, Columbus never did.

  • Hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis all given to Europeans by natives

  • He demanded his crewmen practice chastity, and pray daily.

  • Hidalgos resented Columbus because he was a foreigner and not of noble birth.

    • Frequently disobeyed Columbus

    • Conspired to remove Columbus with help of Bobadilla

    • They deposed Columbus on false charges of tyranny, sent Columbus to Spain in chains, Columbus beat these charges and proved his innocence.

    • Columbus wrote to crown: “A quantity of people who did not deserve Baptismal water before God or the world” were kidnapping women and girls and selling them as sex slaves. And he demanded the crown put a stop to it.

  • While Columbus was in Spain dealing with the false charges, hidlagos acted like monsters. De Las cases wrote in book 2 in history of the indies: Bobadilla gave whole tribes to the hidalgos thus making the hidalgos very happy. They oppressed and tyrannized Indians. “The Spaniards loved and adored Bobadilla in exchange for such favors, hell and vice because they knew how much free-er they were now than under Columbus”

  • Crimes did not occur on Columbus watch or by his orders. Only when hidlagos got Columbus out of picture did the atrocities begin.

  • Columbus did not want the job of governor anymore because the hidalgos had given him so much trouble. Nicolas Di Ovando, replaced Bobadilla and wound up being just as bad if not worst than Bobadilla.

  • Columbus constantly reported to crown how Ovando mistreated the Indians

  • Columbus petitioned the crown to put a stop to it and succeeded! The crown issued a royal decree that “all the Indians of Hispanola were to be left free not subject to servitude unmolested and unharmed and allowed to live like freemen under law just like any other in the kingdom of Castile.”

  • On his second voyage to the New World Columbus was admiral to a fleet of 17 ships.

  • They went carib island to carib island freeing Taino captives, including women and children, who had been enslaved by Caribs. Caribs that resisted and fought back were captured and held prisoners of war on the various ships in the fleet for having killed Spanish men. Michele de Cuneo was a lieutenant on one of these ships and wrote of his rape of one of the Carib women captives. Revisionists use this event to falsely state that Columbus “gave this woman to Cuneo”, but that is a lie. Columbus had no knowledge of this event. As admiral he does not supervise the prisoners himself. He is the administrative supervisor of the 17 captains in the fleet. Captains manage their respective ships in the fleet. Something like supervising the POW would fall on the lieutenants of each respective ship. Finally, this event has never been collaborated in any other writings. There were several respectable persons on this second voyage who wrote accounts and events. These persons include Dr Diego Chanca, Guillermo Coma of Aragon, Ferdinand Columbus, Peter Martyr, Las Cases, and others and none of them, nor the many officers and hundreds of men on this voyage, even suggest that Columbus ever gave a native woman to his men to be raped, let alone Michele de Cuneo’s rape account.

  • On his 4th voyage Columbus purposefully ran his ships aground on Jamaica to escape a devastating storm. Ovando left Columbus and his crew stranded there for 1 year (Ovando hated Columbus because Columbus was reporting Ovando’s misdeeds to the crown). During that time Columbus kept 2 ships full of sailors from disembarking for fear they would molest the tribal women. 2 mutinies arose because of this but Columbus was able to stop them both and continue keeping those sailors on the ships. Does this sound like the actions of a pimp giving natives to be raped, or the actions of someone fighting on behalf of the rights of natives?

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