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Columbus Facts & Fiction

An academic account of Christopher Columbus to inform viewers of the truisms and falsehoods that surround Columbus with historical facts, not unproven rhetoric. This video is endorsed by the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ) of the OSIA.

Howard Zinn and the Book That Poisoned a Generation

One book and one author have changed how American history is taught. America is no longer the good guy but the cause of everyone’s problems. Who is the author? What is the book? And why has it become so popular?

Mary Grabar, The Influence of Howard Zinn’s Fake History

Mary Graber speaks at the National Leadership Seminar at Hillsdale College

Robert Petrone on Christopher Columbus

As the host of RVNTV's "In the Spotlight", Valori Zaslow interviews Robert Petrone Esq about the True History of Christopher Columbus, the first civil rights activist of the Americas.

Christopher Columbus Loved the Indians

Dr. Delaney, an emerita professor of Stanford and an MTS from Harvard. She spent years researching Christopher Columbus, she is an anthropologist, she traveled Europe and stood in his home in Spain and Genoa in this revealing ten-minute interview you hear the facts about Christopher Columbus, reasons why he went on a long voyage. According to her research CC did not kill Indians, and He is getting a "bad rap" from inaccurate history books and media.

Debunking the lies about Christopher Columbus

A short interview with Michael Knowles

The Truth About Columbus

Join David Barton on Believer’s Voice of Victory as he explains the truth about Christopher Columbus and why what is taught and believed about him today is far from the truth. Learn how Americans are being taught to reject the truth and accept delusion. Truth is under attack in America!

Christopher Columbus The Cartoon

This 26 part cartoon series takes children through Columbus's young life as a boy in Genoa, his schooling, his early years as a sailor and ultimately his voyage of discovery.


All episodes can be seen here!

Enjoy this with your little ones.

Courage & Conviction

Courage and Conviction: The true story of Christopher Columbus, produced by the Knights of Columbus

Christopher Columbus Should Be Celebrated

While Joe Biden caves to the Left's push to make Columbus into a villain, we should recognize the historical importance of what Christopher Columbus did.

Examining Christopher Columbus

Join us for this important conversation with Stanford professor emerita and anthropologist, Carol Delaney, author of Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem (Free Press, 2011) as she debunks the myths and lays out the truths about Christopher Columbus.

Celebrating Columbus

Christopher Columbus, the most famous explorer in history, was once a celebrated hero. Now, many consider him a villain, a despoiler of paradise. So which version of Columbus is true? Michael Knowles answers this question and offers some much-needed historical perspective.

Columbus vs the Vikings

Only one united the world

The Attack on Columbus

This is not a flashy video. It may be low budget, but the information provided is invaluable.  Watch and learn where the baseless attacks on Columbus originated and how Hollywood ignorance helped spread it like a cancer throughout this country.

Columbus Day Special: Zinn, Engels and Columbus

In this video, historian and best-selling author Mary Grabar confronts her nemesis in absentia, the late Howard Zinn, a self-described anarchist-socialist who first and wrongly accused Christopher Columbus of genocide in his 1980 book, "A Peoples History of the United States."  Professor Grabar noted that Zinn enrolled in the Communist Party in 1948, then left the party to teach college students his brand of American history through a Marxist lens. Watch the video to learn how Zinn was deeply influenced by a 19th century essay by Friedrich Engels.

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