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Destroy Columbus Day,
             Destroy America
The Left's lust for history to change the future.


The thousands of students, mayors, legislative bodies and school boards across the nation that have been hoodwinked by Howard Zinn’s historical acrobatics will go through life blissfully unaware that Columbus had a rigorous policy that his crew exchange gifts with the natives they met and not just steal what they wanted,or that Columbus hanged men who disobeyed him by harming the native people.
But like Howard Zinn said, “History is not about understanding the past but about changing the future.” And with America in his cross-hairs, he's been very successful...

Howard Zinn lied about Christopher Columbus. Here’s how.


Zinn is the inspiration behind the current campaign to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” High school teachers cite his book of lies in making the case for the renaming to their local communities.

A True Portrait Of
Christopher Columbus


There was only one artist who actually lived during Columbus's lifetime and ever saw, met and painted him at the Spanish Court. His name was Lorenzo Lotto and Columbus's son upon seeing the portrait, commented and marveled at the likeness.



In recognition of Columbus Day, we are offering a three-part series on this subject.

In the first part we will address the origins of the assault on Columbus. In the second part, we will offer a review of how schools across the nation are addressing this day. In the third part, we will take a politically incorrect look at Indigenous Americans.

The Myths Surrounding

Christopher Columbus


Learn the facts versus the myths surrounding Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer whose voyage of discovery to the New World in 1492 linked Europe and the Americas and began a new age of exploration.

How a Radical Left-Wing Historian Birthed the Anti-Columbus Crusade


“A People’s History” is filled with half-truths, ideological distortions, and outright fabrications, yet it is still widely used in American schools.

This is a shame, as he is misleading future generations through his deceiving, but influential work. Even the far-left magazine, New Republic, conceded that Zinn was a poor historian who did a disservice to his readers.

Why Columbus Sailed


Carol Delaney, a cultural anthropologist and long-time professor at Stanford University, had little knowledge or interest in Columbus — that is, until she was teaching a course called “Millennial Fever” at Stanford in 1999 and came across a reference to the explorer’s apocalyptic beliefs. Delaney was intrigued and set out to research Columbus at Brown University in the summer of 2003. Two years later, she retired from Stanford to devote herself to research, which launched a remarkable journey in the footsteps of the explorer.

Mastrangelo: How Columbus Day Became a Holiday to Combat Racism Against Italian Americans


The origins of Columbus Day — commemorating Italian explorer Christopher Columbus — stem from efforts to combat racism against Italian immigrants, who endured everything from racial epithets to lynch mobs when they first arrived to the United States. Today, in the era of wokeness, Italian Americans face a new type of mob, one that seeks to ban the federal holiday celebrating Italian heritage.

Columbus Day Is Worth
Defending & Celebrating


The history of Christopher Columbus is actually less messy and more consequential than many of the other heroes of our national holidays. There is not only a great deal to celebrate in Columbus, but the man embodied a range of attributes that are necessary to solving many of our contemporary problems and even saving our country from further decline and collapse resulting from group think, corruption and abuse of power.

Christopher Columbus

the greatest hero of the 15th & 16th centuries


Christopher Columbus was none of the epithets with which his detractors repeatedly characterize him — and all of the historical resources show this unequivocally.


Complete 8 part series by Robert Petrone

Countering The Critics


Columbus’ detractors would have us believe that he was a genocidal slave trader who tyrannized natives and settlers alike and stopped at nothing to turn a profit and subjugate the islands. If you read the source material closely, though, all that dissolves into inaccuracy.

The worst offenders were Howard Zinn, author of “A People’s History of the United States,” and James W. Loewen, who penned “Lies My Teacher Told Me.” Now read this article and learn the truth!


Fact v Fiction


 This study on Christopher Columbus was undertaken by the Commission for Social Justice, the anti-defamation
arm of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) in response to growing concerns about the celebration of Columbus
Day in America.

Uncovering The REAL Columbus


Much of the debate nowadays is dominated by polar extremes, with vehement detractors embracing an often-false narrative in order to vilify Columbus and passionate apologists frequently downplaying the darker aspects of his legacy to paint a rosier picture.  The Columbus I discovered was a tragic hero who was forced by the misdeeds of others to betray his own lofty plans while nevertheless shielding the native populations from the truly egregious abuses they suffered in his absence and after he had departed.

Blaming Columbus Misses the Lessons of History


As a proud member of both the Osage Nation (the Ni-U-Kon-Ska, "People of the Middle Waters"), and the Knights of Columbus, I am disgusted and terrified by the ever louder calls for the cancelation of Columbus Day, and the tearing down of monuments dedicated to the great maritime explorer, Christopher Columbus

Columbus Day is Democracy, and a challenge to the tyranny we face


The drive to erase Columbus Day is an example of the real threat of true racism that we face in America, and a challenge to our Democracy. Columbus was a hero who should be celebrated for bringing a higher level of civilization to North America. And those who claim to be the victims of his racism are in fact hypocrites who engaged in violence and brutality when they came to North America, destroying the indigenous population of Neanderthals who were here already. Columbus is just one explorer in a series of events in World History and because of his sacrifices, this country owes him a great debt

Twelve Reasons to Admire Christopher Columbus for his Civil Rights by Robert Petrone Esq.


On the eve of Juneteenth, a day celebrating civil rights, which are human rights, I send this open letter to remind all moral and enlightened human beings that we are duty bound to fight the continued perpetration of hate and ignorance caused by the suppression of facts, truth and civil discourse. The information from the primary historical sources, not from revisionist historians, must be expressed to avoid the damnatio memoriae of the first civil rights activist of the Americas, Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus


Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. Anyone who says otherwise is not a historian but a conspiracy theorist. There is NOT one single primary source that says Columbus was NOT from there. All primary sources, including Columbus himself, say he was.

Here is what the primary sources had to say:

Hispanic, Columbus or Indigenous Day?

To respect one community, ​must we disrespect another?


All over the country, by replacing the Hispanic and Italian festivities with indigenous celebrations, politicians are rewarding one group and insulting two others – all without accepting responsibility for the genocide conducted by British-American settlers

Debunking "Top 5 Atrocities Committed by Christopher Columbus"


"We could subjugate them all", slavery and gold, cruelty, genocide and more... When it comes to Columbus, Howard Zinn had the bad habit of putting two or more sentences together that have nothing to do with each other, to make it say whatever he wanted you to think it says. That’s what he did for ALL the claims above. So let’s take a closer look at his arguments and then debunk them.

Christopher Columbus, Howard Zinn, and A People’s History of the United States


Howard Zinn is the author of a cultist classic called A People’s History of the United States, which is a tour-de-force of historical misinformation, sloppy scholarship, and outright prevarications. This perhaps partially explains why on the subject of history and the role of the historian Howard Zinn once wrote:

“History is not about understanding the past [but about] changing the future.”

Columbus: Separating Myth from Fact
The mariner from Genoa was neither a slaver nor a saint—but he *was* concerned about the rights and the souls of New World natives.


In popular myth, Christopher Columbus is the symbol of European greed and genocidal imperialism. In reality, he was a dedicated Christian concerned first and foremost with serving God and his fellow man.

10 Things People Get Wrong About Columbus


Every Columbus Day is the same:  Christopher Columbus is attacked.  His statues are desecrated.  Public monuments in his honor are threatened or removed. 

Should Columbus be vilified instead of honored? Was he really a villain? Should we believe these attacks on his good name and character?

This post will debunk the most common lies about Columbus.

Remembering Columbus: Blinded by Politics


Americans have always projected onto Columbus our fears, anxieties, and
fantasies. Yet, most Americans know very little about this enigmatic man whose
voyages changed the course of history. The picture is not a simple one.

This article was originally posted here.

Columbus is not a villain: Professor says explorer has been seriously maligned


“Christopher Columbus writes very favorably about the natives he met and dealt with,” Delaney told The College Fix. “He continually told his men not to go marauding, raping, plundering and even executed two of his own men who did that.”

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