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- Strong and Resolute Depiction

With all of the fanfare about Columbus Day with all of the portraits and statues of him, one would hope that someone besides our good man, Professor Robert Petrone, would have a real portrait for our hero.

Some of those said portraits are hilarious. My favorite is that bug eyed fat banker.

There was only one artist who actually lived during Columbus's lifetime and ever saw, met and painted him at the Spanish Court. His name was Lorenzo Lotto and Columbus's son upon seeing the portrait, commented and marveled at the likeness.

Columbus had red hair and green eyes.

The only person I know who, without knowing any of the people in the lineup of portraits of Columbus, picked out the right one, passed away a few years ago. When I asked him how he guessed it he said "All of those other guys look like wimps. In those days to be the Captain of a ship, one had to be a tough S.O.B."
Actually, he was right.

Rich Russo
Pleasanton, Texas

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