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Save Columbus Day Campaign

It is time to fight against the anti-Columbus myths, spread the truth, and show why Columbus Day should be celebrated. Instead of repeating the Marxist lies we've all grown tired of hearing, we need to educate our youth to the facts that Columbus was a brave visionary who fought for the rights and respect of the natives he encountered. We encourage schools to petition their administration and for communities to introduce legislation to Save Columbus Day and celebrate Indigenous People's Day on August 9th like the rest of the world.


Columbus Day celebrates the vision and bravery of one man to lead a dangerous expedition across the Atlantic and chart new lands never recorded before. His journey of discovery ultimately bridged two continents and united the world. His voyage marked the beginning of a cultural exchange between America and Europe that lives to this day. It's been said before, "If George Washington is the father of our country, then Christopher Columbus is our grandfather." So celebrate America and have a Happy Columbus Day!


  • Visit the resources on this website and learn from them.

  • Share the memes from our Support page and spread the truth.

  • Be active and encourage others to do the same. Contact your legislative representative and tell them you support Columbus Day.

  • Show your support for Columbus Day:

(You can even search Amazon for Columbus Day products)

  • If you're a teacher use our lesson plans to educate your students.

  • Contribute content to this website. You can contact us via our online form or email:


That have honored our American history.

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